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How it all began...

How did I first fall in love with lumber? This is where it all started! One day I was endlessly scrolling through Instagram trying to figure out how to cut wooden letters and objects on my Cricut machine. I kept seeing all of these gorgeous nursery sign with very thick backers. At least they seemed very thick to me at that time. I could not figure out how these were made because my Cricut machine only cut very thin wood. I eventually landed on an artists' page that made these nursery sign herself among many other signs. From that page IG started suggesting many other artist pages. I landed on @thehouseoftimber IG page and I was hooked! I had to have a scroll saw!!! Her work is awesome so if you don't know who she is, check her out. I purchased a Ryobi scroll saw from Facebook marketplace and dove right in. At that time I didn't know a whole lot about the saw so I figured I would get a cheap one and make it work. Ya'll!!! This scroll saw was so loud and shaky but I was determined to learn something from it. Looking back I realize that if I could cut on that thing then I can cut on anything. It would slide across my workbench from the vibrations and I would have to pull it back to me every few minutes lol. It got my foot in the door and that was all I needed. It wasn't long before I needed an upgrade. At least that's what I told myself lol. So I upgraded to the Peags!!!! If you are in the market for a scroll saw....GET IT!!!! It cuts so smoothly, no vibrations, sooooo quiet, and it's a beauty! Spend the money! Yes! Spend the money!!! I don't feel like there are different levels to scroll saws such as beginner saws, intermediate saws, or advanced saws. Some saws are just better than others. And I might be a little biased but this is the best. They have even come out with a newer one that has a bigger table so you are able to cut larger things. At this point I needed to purchase a drill for certain designs that I want to cut. Before I knew it I was adding power tool, after power tool, after power tool. They are very addictive! I don't use my scroll saw nearly as much as I would like but I plan on changing that. So follow along on IG (customsbysdrake) and I will continue to show scroll saw work there. Here are a few cut items here:


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